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I really hate how picky and superficial I am about relationships


Beware, some TMI info below:

I mean… I guess superficial isn’t the right word but I am definitely picky, just like I am with food. I do look at someone’s physical appearance first and while some of my relationships have started out before I even knew what the person looked like, I feel more…

Paleo, I honestly I’m going to tell you with no fear of embarrassment. I think that you are very amazing guy, your someone that brang me the right kind of information and a review of what is worth it. But maybe everything about you isn’t perfect, no one is perfect it doesn’t matter. It’s in the inside you can find something that you will know that will pretty much make your mind spark to notice that is not the outside you need to be picky with, its what’s in the inside the counts more. It’s how strong the heart is to love, then to have huge pair of milk rounds or a slender fit chest. If your pinky with how people look is like dealing with food, you gotta try different kinds to find out what you like to enjoy. That’s what I say, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Try it yourself, see who you can find and get to know about themselves. I have to say Josh, who ever that person you choose to share your life with and to know what love is, they will be very lucky to have someone like you being by their side.
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