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anastienivna asked:

&*& I'm sorry




I will generate a number from 1-175 for what my muse will say to yours. (Mix of angst, fluff, and random)


"Whats your favorite idea?


"OH! Um…I guess going out to hunt for things-I mean food." She says nervously

                                    “You hunt for food?
[Stan said while squinting his eyes.]

“Yeah but rarely I gotta have my meat! Hehe” Becky said nervously kicking the dirt a bit.


date a boy who’s intelligent

date a boy who’s clever

date a boy who’s powerful

date a boy who’s unpredictable

date a boy with an amazing laugh

date a boy who dresses sharply

date a boy who’s in great shape

date a boy who doesn’t mind a little danger

“Mother’s adivce never really was important to me until now…I wish I should have listened” -Becky turns to her roommate-
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